Lupe Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. Powerful. Enduring. Flexible.

Created by former Dyson experts. Patented technology. Unrivalled performance. Upgradable design.

Lupe Technology

Bristol, UK


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Say hello to the Lupe Pure Cordless.

The world’s best performing cordless vacuum.

Designed and built for long-term ownership.

The cordless, fully realised…finally.

Despite their conception many years ago all cordless vacuum cleaners still don’t deliver on the purity of the original vacuum cleaner’s design function: to truly clean by delivering powerful suction for a sustained period.

That was, until now.

Introducing the Lupe Pure Cordless vacuum cleaner.

Designed by industry experts who think differently.

This is the cordless fully realised.


 As seen in:

Before anything else, our product must be an outstanding vacuum cleaner.

The Pure Cordless excels at these three major factors where others are compromised.

Our patented technology delivers enduring power that cannot be matched and our unique platform delivers the rest.

The Pure Cordless is a premium machine featuring the latest technology in brushless motors, batteries and dust collection.

There is no better machine for gathering dust and dirt, and our HEPA filtration captures 99.97% of fine dust and allergens.

unrivalled suction power through patented technology

Lupe’s enduring suction comes from inner strength.

Our patented Suction Intensifier delivers the strongest and most efficient suction of any cordless out there, with no compromise in picking up any debris type.

See for yourself how we compare to the competition on an exceptional challenge of 20mm (0.8 inches) deep grooves filled with dust :

How does it work? Unassuming on the outside, you have to look within to find the source of Lupe’s enduring power:

Patented Suction Intensifier technology

Optimum pick up across different surfaces and debris types all the time, with no settings to change.

1 – Powerful motorised agitator for cleaning hair and deep-down dirt – great for carpet.

2 – Air tight rotating seal conforms to all surfaces and debris, preventing unnecessary leaks and increasing suction – great for hard floors.

3 – Velocity vane increases air velocity by reducing the opening on the floor surface.

Increased velocity and eliminated leaks results in up to x10 the useful suction at the cleaner head compared to some conventional designs.

Doing more with less. That’s the power of pure.

outstanding dust cleaning performance for a full 60 minutes

Power is nothing without endurance. Unlike other models, the pure cordless offers outstanding dust cleaning performance for a full 60 minutes.

Put simply, the Pure Cordless cleans significantly more than the competition between charges.

More cleaning, less charging. That’s the power of pure.  

unique format adapts to every cleaning task

The Lupe Pure Cordless is a true 3-in-1 vacuum that offers the best of all worlds wrapped into one convenient package, and has outstanding reach to high places (2m/6.5ft)

the pure cordless has a 2m reach the pure cordless has a 2m reach

Conventional cordless stick vacuums put all the weight in your hand, Lupe’s unique format makes cleaning high easy with significantly less weight to lift:

less weight in hand for high reach cleaning less weight in hand for high reach cleaning

Taking the cleaning head off to switch between configurations is really quick and easy:

Fully capable but smaller in size

We’ve aimed to bring the whole-house vacuum up to date with the 21st century. The Pure Cordless is slim and convenient but packed with power.

One cleaning head

Rather than multiple cleaning heads, we focused on one head capable of cleaning all surfaces, one that seamlessly moves from one surface to another.

There’s no longer any need to have multiple vacuums (or multiple heads) for different tasks.

Because sometimes, one head really is better than two.

Social and environmental impact 

Did you know 50% of small electrical appliances taken to waste processing in the European Union is from vacuum cleaners? It’s pretty shocking.

Especially in cordless vacuums, many companies launch ‘new’ products year after year which drives perfectly usable, or easily repairable product to waste.

Lupe is different. And the Pure Cordless is different. It is fully serviceable and almost every part can be replaced. It has been designed to be as long-lasting as possible: using the best components and materials. We are so confident in this we are offering all our Kickstarter backers a special 7 year warranty (see below for details).

It’s been designed to be as easy to maintain as possible. We will support long-term ownership through open supply of spares and making upgrades available to battery packs and motors as technology moves on.

You don’t throw your whole bicycle away if you want to upgrade a wheel or fit a new tyre – we take that approach to vacuum cleaners.

We all need great performing products but in an age of huge waste a more conscious effort is required to make essential products last just a little longer.

Its our founding principle.

See how the Pure Cordless is different:

1- Battery pack removable without tools

2- Brushless motor housed in separate removable housing

3- Washable lifetime filters

4- Single service panel reveals access to motor and control PCB

5- Detachable pickup head has removable components and no PCB electronics on board

6- Dust separation system is self-contained and made from polycarbonate for exceptional durability

7- All control electronics centrally housed and re-programmable

the Pure Cordless has been expertly engineered in detail to ensure the design can stand the test of time the Pure Cordless has been expertly engineered in detail to ensure the design can stand the test of time

The Pure Cordless will be built in a factory that pay workers fairly, have high standards of health and safety and is ISO14001 certified. It is committed to conducting business in a manner that delivers continuous improvement in environmental performance and protects the quality of communities where it operates.

Our chosen factory:

harvests rainwater collects solar energy makes use of a ground source system for climate control

We wanted the Pure Cordless to be everything you’d expect of a modern vacuum cleaner, not just a cordless, and we have integrated every feature to the highest possible specification.

1- Pickup Head:

The most energy-efficient dust pick-up technology available intensifies the suction for deep-down cleaning across all surfaces – no settings to change.

Two motorised agitators deal with any debris type – large, fine and pet hair.

Easy to remove both brush rollers simply using a coin:

2- Motor:

Our Japanese brushless motor spins at 108,000rpm (twice as fast as a jet engine) and has exceptional energy efficiency. It’s also exceptionally durable.

3- Cyclonic Bagless Separator:

With two stages of cyclonic separation and two stages of filtration the Pure Cordless is at the cutting edge of dust separation technology.

With a genuine 1000cc (1 liter) capacity the Lupe pure cordless has the one of the largest bin capacities of any cordless. Less bin emptying to get the job done quicker.

It is also really easy to empty:

4- Battery:

The Pure Cordless 32.4V 81Wh Li-Ion battery delivers 60 minutes of powerful cleaning from one single charge. The LEDs on the front communicate accurate charge capacity remaining.

The battery can be charged on the machine with no dock, or taken out and charged discretely while the machine is stowed away in a cupboard.

Easy to replace or upgrade in the future:

More cleaning, less charging. That’s the power of pure. 

The Pure Cordless has 9 Murata (formerly Sony) high drain, high capacity lithium-ion cells. The battery pack is fitted with a fully featured protection board to monitor health of the battery and communicate with the control system in the Pure Cordless to always ensure optimum performance.

5- HEPA Anti-Allergy Filter:

A genuine HEPA (H13) filter separating 99.97% of fine dust and allergens down to 0.3 millionths of a meter. Easy to remove and wash for optimum performance.

Other brands use lower grade filters that allow 100’s of times more fine dust through.

Accept no substitutes. That’s the power of pure.

Accessory Tools:

We’ve focused on giving you the multi-function accessory tools that are useful, not a drawer-full that clutters your home and never gets used.

An upholstery tool and a crevice tool both with slide up/down bristles for dusting.

The Pure Cordless is supplied with a holder to attach them to the product to save you losing them.

Simple Controls:

The Pure Cordless has very simple controls to access the three power modes and to turn-off/override the brush roller for delicate surfaces.

The Pure Cordless has been designed and built with two principles at heart – purity of purpose, and longevity of design.

We’ve designed and built the best possible product with the singular purpose of keeping your home clean, and we’ve designed it to last: no built-in obsolescence, no superseding product every year.

It’s not just us that likes the design- we’ve won an award!

We have spent the last 3.5 years developing the pure cordless to perfection and we are now ready to start production.

3.5 years of evolution of the Lupe pure cordless 3.5 years of evolution of the Lupe pure cordless

Technical Specs

How we compare to the competition:

We are offering the first batch of Lupe Cordless on Kickstarter at big discounts off the retail price (Retail price will be ± £460 / USD 599).

What’s in the box?

elegant packaging elegant packaging
packaging ensures the pure cordless arrives in perfect condition (no internal plastic bags) packaging ensures the pure cordless arrives in perfect condition (no internal plastic bags)
what's in the box what’s in the box

1- pure cordless main body

2- universal pick-up head with suction intensifier technology

3- lithium ion battery pack

4- charger (will be territory specific)

5- detachable wand

6- multi-function crevice and upholstery accessory tools and on-board mount

We are offering a special warranty to Kickstarter backers in this campaign.

7 years against defects in material and workmanship.

2 years on the battery pack- this is limited usage habits and is out of our control.

We think we have the best warranty on the market for a cordless vacuum cleaner with a Kickstarter specific 7 year warranty on the product (excluding the battery which is 2 years).

Only our Kickstarter backers will get this 7 year warranty.

If anything comes up, don’t worry because we stand behind our product, just get in touch with us. We will assess the specific problem and decide the quickest way to get your machine back in working order

We designed the Pure Cordless with serviceability in mind. Most major parts can be individually removed and replaced. This not only makes it easier to keep your Pure Cordless in perfect functional condition, it also drastically reduces the amount of waste and unnecessary obsolescence.

How it all started 

Lupe Technology is a Tech startup based in Bristol, UK – a city with a rich engineering history.

Lucas Horne and Pablo Montero founded the company in 2015 with the vision to solve the frustrations they saw consumers were having with cordless vacuum cleaners that were becoming ever more popular but failing to deliver on expectations, both on performance and longevity.

Lucas and Pablo met while working together in the Research and Development department at Dyson. Together we were in charge of a major project to make a vacuum cleaner that was many times better than their other products at the time. We learnt a great deal about what a vacuum cleaner needs to do and what makes it last.

Following our time at Dyson, we went our separate ways but saw that the problem with cordless vacuums’ poor suction and built in obsolescence continued unaddressed.

With a fresh outlook (and a clean sheet of paper) Lupe was founded and the start of a three and a half year journey began. Through many hundreds of prototypes and testing, our team developed the patented Suction Intensifier technology to pick up dust more efficiently, and the unique Lupe Pure Cordless platform to carry it.

many years worth of testing has gone into the pure cordless many years worth of testing has gone into the pure cordless
we made use of advance computational modelling techniques to ensure the product will last we made use of advance computational modelling techniques to ensure the product will last
prototyping in our workshop prototyping in our workshop
before tooling we trialled parts with vacuum casting techniques before tooling we trialled parts with vacuum casting techniques

You’ll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content.  project video thumbnail

Replay with sound
Play with sound


we also used computational fluid dynamics to optimise our design we also used computational fluid dynamics to optimise our design
a (very) small selection of our notes from the last 3.5 years a (very) small selection of our notes from the last 3.5 years
making our demonstrator floor making our demonstrator floor
we made many examples of our prototypes so we could test different aspects at the same time we made many examples of our prototypes so we could test different aspects at the same time
we are in advanced stages of pre-production detailed mould flow analysis - to ensure the highest quality parts we are in advanced stages of pre-production detailed mould flow analysis – to ensure the highest quality parts
on the PCB production line at Ryder Industries on the PCB production line at Ryder Industries

Developing products is time-consuming and costly and we’re very grateful to those who have supported us on this journey – our investors and also the UK Government agency (Innovate UK) that supports the development of innovative British technology. We’ve reached a critical time when the development is (almost) over and we are ready to launch the product and the brand.

The Pure Cordless will be rolling off the production line later this year – the end of one part of our journey but an exciting start to the next phase.

Lucas Horne (Co-Founder):

Industrial Designer. Experience of consumer goods development from Bosch and Dyson. Successfully sold IP to Dyson, along with generating multiple Patents on vacuum cleaner technology. Leads day to day technical development of Lupe. A proven innovator with the right balance of pragmatism and creativity.

Pablo Montero (Co-Founder):

Aeronautical Engineer. Leadership and Programme Management experience from Dyson, HiETA Technologies (successful startup) & National Composites Centre. Leads day to day operational and financial management of Lupe. The business head. Lateral thinker.

Oliver Skittery (Design Engineer):

1st Class graduate mechanical engineer from the University of Bath. Experience from internationally renown agency DCA design.

Hamish Barclay (Commercial Director):

Former business owner, consultant and start-up expert. Extensive international experience across a range of industries and routes to market spanning two decades.

Hans Falkenburg (Advisory Board Chairman):

Ex-CEO of Cotswold Outdoor/Snow and Rock Group. Provides strategic guidance and level-headed sounding board for business decisions

Tony Chen (NPD Engineer):

Formerly new production manager at GTECH (maker of AirRam product series). Located in Dongguan, China.

Gary Poolman (Design Engineer):

Former Senior Mechanical Designer at Dyson.

Ryder Industries (manufacturing partner):

Ryder industries is Swiss owned and has been in operation for over 40 years. Manufactures for brands such as Marshall (amplifiers) and Boa (lace up systems).

Why Kickstarter?

We are very much a true startup company founded by just two people three and a half years ago. As we progress now from our Research and Development stage into getting our product to market, its very important to us to build a following and get our product known about as much as possible. We see Kickstarter as a great way to do this, and a step towards a full mainstream launch later down the line.

Securing interest in the product now helps us start production of the first batch of our vacuum cleaners with confidence.

If successful, the funds will go towards tooling, mass manufacturing of the first batch, certification and shipping logistics.

This is our production timeline from now until you receive your Lupe Pure Cordless.

Thank you for supporting our campaign and a special thank you to everyone else who has helped us on our journey so far. It would not have been possible without the support of everyone involved – friends, family, investors, advisers and our manufacturing partner. We look forward to the next stage of our journey in delivering the ultimate cordless vacuum

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