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3D printing is important because of its ability to transform consumerism. The MOREbot 3D-printed robot ecosystem empowers people to build their own goods and celebrates the idea of unprecedented customization.

MOREbot is an expandable and modular STEM learning robotic ecosystem. All robot parts are 3D printed (and can be 3D printed at home), so it’s also incredibly affordable! Not only that, but MOREbot is the only system to provide a clear path for beginners to become experts in coding, 3D printing and electronics.

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MOREbot is a fraction of the cost of leading competitors, all while offering greater customization and deeper learning outcomes because almost all of the parts are 3D printed and snap together with wooden dowels. 3D printing makes our robots the only ones you can create and not just consume.  We teach 3D printing because we want you to learn how to create a robot, not just assemble one.

Why? 3D printing keeps costs low and thereby increases accessibility to the MOREbot ecosystem. We don’t know about you, but we don’t know many people with injection molding machines in their homes, makerspaces or schools. 3D printers, however, are becoming more commonplace. These printers are quickly becoming a critical part of the rapid prototyping process and will only continue to increase in popularity. We want this to be a tool to enable makers to create tech, not just consume it. Our main components are wooden dowels and 3D printed parts, making it easier than ever before to build large, complex structures without costing you an arm and a leg.

MOREbot teaches valuable tech skills, like coding, 3D printing, and electronics, using the Arduino platform. But MORE importantly, it prepares the maker to adapt to a fast-changing world by teaching skills like problem solving and design thinking.

MOREbot starts with a Base Robot that you can build and then control via mobile app. The learning and tinkering doesn’t stop there. Incorporate more components, like our add-on kits, to re-configure and build whatever you like! Each kit can function alone, but then become anything you can imagine when you have different components from all of the kits. Start by creating simple structures and work your way up to building powerful, complex robots.

Use the parts of your Base Robot and incorporate the different add-on kits to transform your MOREbot into anything you’ve ever dreamed.

The Game Kit will transform the MOREbot into an interactive device with a screen and multiple controls. The goal of this kit is to engage students in programming by learning the base concepts of games programming. The kit will be used in 15 lessons in this subject, with varied levels of difficulty. It will be able to be remixed for experiments in every lesson. By the end of the lessons, a learner could build, wire, and program the MOREbot platform into a full controller and game system.

The Catapult Expansion gives the MOREbot the ability to launch small projectiles. It can be launched from your phone, and is easily added on top of the base robot. Change the power of the catapult with rubber bands. The catapult can be used to teach different physics concepts such as force, torque, and springs.

The Robot Arm Expansion gives your MOREbot a hand (or claw). The 3 Degree of Freedom (DoF) arm can be snapped on top of the MOREbot, letting you pick up objects. Each joint is uses a powerful 20Kg/cm digital servo, and each arm section is 6 inches long. The servo mounts interface with the MORE ecosystem, letting you turn it into anything from a scorpion, to a prank robot that drops a spider.

The Structure Kit uses the MOREbot ecosystem to help bring your ideas to life. It comes with the core 3D printed parts and plenty of wooden dowels. Use the structures kit to make anything from a bridge, to a giant MOREbot. Combine this kit with the Sensors kit and the Motion kit to get the most out of the MORE ecosystem!

The Motion Kit helps you bring your robots to the next level with everything you need to make more things move. It includes gears, servos, and motors. Use it to make a robot arm, a faster robot, or whatever you imagine. With this kit, you’ll learn in depth how some of the most popular robotics actuators work, and apply what you learn in real life with experiments.

The Sensor Kit helps your MOREbot perceive the world. This kit will teach you how to use each sensor with an applied lesson. Want to detect when a door opens for a prank? This is the kit for you. You’ll learn how to wire, code, and use each sensor.

So how do you get our 3D files to print? We host all over our files on Makerplace, our subscription-based online learning platform. It’s like the Spotify of 3D printing and robotics. Makerplace is where you can find tutorials, part files and example projects for everything in the MOREbot ecosystem. Share your own designs, learn from other makers and get inspired to create your next great invention.

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