MoTra: Retro Multimedia Player w/ Wireless Charger for Phone

BT 5.0 speaker | Support wireless charging | Original vintage design | Dual 5W speaker w/ bass reflex system | Built-in battery


Middletown, DE


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MoTra is a Bluetooth 5.0 speaker seamlessly aligns modern functions such as wireless charger and phone stand on to a vintage looking structure without compromising on sound quality. A wireless charging pad embedded inside the middle portion of its front surface is dedicated to hold and charge a smartphone at adjustable angle while you stream music or video from it. You can turn or press the knobs to control volume, tracks and modes.

MoTra works intuitively and combinedly with your smartphone as a desktop multimedia player that is also multifunctional.

Two powerful 5W drivers are enclosed in MoTra with strategically-placed speaker cutouts on the front grille, producing full and warm audio with layers of rich details.

A bass reflex vent is located on the bottom of MoTra to enhance low frequencies, ensuring a solid and punchy bass to make the audio more enjoyable.

MoTra is a Bluetooth speaker retaining the look and feel of vintage radios that carries the grace of the past. The front face has a slanting grille made from dark, soft rubber, and two knobs sitting symmetrically on the bottom.

The other faces are covered in a white, matte vinyl material. A brownish strap made with genuine leather is placed over the top for easy carrying.

The retro and Nordic style architecture and coloration evokes the most nostalgia. The BT connection is stable without any drops or static.

A wireless charging pad embedded behind the middle portion of the front grille responds to a simple touch to turn on and off. MoTra can support and wirelessly charge phone up to 6.9”. There are also LED lights to indicate the charging status.

The front grille can be adjusted within 10° by rotating the capped hinges used to fix the strap on both sides of MoTra to hold your phone at preferred viewing angles.

When paired with and propped up by MoTra, your smartphone is transformed into a front panel of a desktop multimedia player that can not only play your favorite tunes, but also stream movies, help you Facetime with a friend and refer online recipes while cooking in a more comfortable position!

The face of MoTra is adorned with two silver-colored retro dials for the control functionality. Turn the left dial to play the next/previous song; press it down to select between different music modes. Turn the right dial to volume up/down; press it down to play/pause the music.

Free from the confines of wires and cords, MoTra has a built-in battery offers 4 hours portable playtime on a single charge.

There is also a 3.5mm AUX port and a TF card reader on the back of MoTra that connect to other playback sources, other than wirelessly through Bluetooth.

MoTra features a high definition speakerphone so that you can route your calls to it and use it for a conference or group chat.

It took us more than a year and a dozen prototypes to get MoTra just right.

We’ve finalized the product design and developed working prototypes, and we will personally QC every unit that comes off the production line.

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